This Week

Welcome and Upcoming Events

Welcome to our web site! We invite you to join us from September – May at our weekly Tuesday programs, monthly evening programs, or any of our special events. We have several summer events as well. Please contact us to answer any questions or to put you in touch with the proper person, or use branch voice mail for questions: 651-602-9839 (checked weekly only), or call our business office to leave a message for AAUW.  Thank you for checking our web site.

November 20 Third TUESDAY

No meeting today – Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27 Fourth TUESDAY

9:30 a.m. Mystery Hour
9:45 a.m. Great Decisions/Special Interests
9:45 a.m. Summit Avenue Readers
10:45 a.m.Branch Announcements
11:00 a.m. Scientific Integration for Balance, What’s at Stake at EPA, Deborah L. Swackhamer (program description in 990)
12:00 p.m. Luncheon
1:00 p.m. Great Decisions/Special Interests
1:00 p.m. Joy Davis’s Literature Seminar