Branch Officers and Board Members

Branch Officers and Board Members
* indicates Executive Board Members


President * — Nancy Creighton

VP Administration * — Linda Miller Poff

VP Membership * — Carole Otte Pesek and Suzanne Johnson

VP Program Development* — Carol Hanson

VP Scholarship* — Mary Schwab

Secretary* — Carole Olsen

Treasurer* —Alta Oben

Membership Treasurer — Nancy Beck

Elected Committee Chairs

          AAUW Funds — Alice Faribault

          Cultural Arts — Sharon Carlson

          Diversity — Kathleen Ziegler

          Education — Barb Devlin and Judy Grimes

          Historians — Kim Blair and Dallas Lindgren

          International Issues — Jan Anderson

          Nominating — Lois Hollingsworth and Pam Steuart

          Public Policy  — Andre Leavitt

          Scholarship Trust — Mary Crampton       

          Visibility/Publicity —  Pam Steuart

          Women’s Issues — Sandy Crum

President Appointed Chairs

         Bulletin Editor (990 News) —  Carol Elizabeth Hanson

         Bylaws, Rules Chair* — Carol Gregorsen

         Evening Program — Jane Tschida

         Finance Chair* — Jan Quist

         Hospitality — Becky Davidson

         Parliamentarian — Carol Gregorsen

         Property Chair* — Nancy Penn

         Newspaper (Timely Report) — Carol Sheggeby and Mary Schrankler

         Strategic Plan/Long Range Planning — Unknown

         Webmaster — Pam Steuart

Executive Board

President, President -elect, VP Administration, VP Membership, VP Program Development, VP Fundraising, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairs of Bylaws and Standing Rules, Property, Finance

St. Paul College Club Catering Business

Chairs–Juliana Simmons

Chairs are appointed by AAUW Branch president from members of the Business Board. Chairs appoint Board members.

St. Paul College Club, Inc. AAUW Scholarship Trust

Chair – Mary Crampton

Members are appointed by AAUW Branch president from Branch membership.