Branch Officers and Board Members

Branch Officers and Board Members
* indicates Executive Board Members


President * — Nancy Creighton

VP Administration * — Linda Miller Poff

VP Membership * — Carole Otte Pesek and Suzanne Johnson

VP Program Development* — Carol Hanson

VP Scholarship* — Mary Schwab

Secretary* — Carole Olsen

Treasurer* —Alta Oben

Membership Treasurer — Nancy Beck

Elected Committee Chairs

          AAUW Funds — Alice Faribault

          Cultural Arts — Sharon Carlson

          Diversity — Kathleen Ziegler

          Education — Barb Devlin and Judy Grimes

          Historians — Kim Blair and Dallas Lindgren

          International Issues — Jan Anderson

          Nominating — Lois Hollingsworth and Pam Steuart

          Public Policy  — Andre Leavitt

          Scholarship Trust — Mary Crampton       

          Visibility/Publicity —  Pam Steuart

          Women’s Issues — Sandy Crum

President Appointed Chairs

         Bulletin Editor (990 News) —  Carol Elizabeth Hanson

         Bylaws, Rules Chair* — Carol Gregorsen

         Evening Program — Jane Tschida

         Finance Chair* — Jan Quist

         Hospitality — Becky Davidson

         Parliamentarian — Carol Gregorsen

         Property Chair* — Nancy Penn

         Newspaper (Timely Report) — Carol Sheggeby and Mary Schrankler

         Strategic Plan/Long Range Planning — Open

         Webmaster — Pam Steuart

Executive Board

President, President -elect, VP Administration, VP Membership, VP Program Development, VP Fundraising, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairs of Bylaws and Standing Rules, Property, Finance

St. Paul College Club Catering Business

Chair — Barbara Waldschmidt

Chairs are appointed by AAUW Branch president from members of the Business Board. Chairs appoint Board members.

St. Paul College Club, Inc. AAUW Scholarship Trust

Chair – Mary Crampton

Members are appointed by AAUW Branch president from Branch membership.