New Member’s Guide

A MEMBER’S PRACTICAL GUIDE TO AAUW-ST. PAUL BRANCH This guide is intended to answer questions you may have about our Branch. Links are embedded to help you find more detailed information. Comments about this guide may be sent to

Floor Plan Ground Floor

Second Floor Plan

AAUW  American Association of University Women is a national grassroots organization that has worked to improve the lives of millions of women and their families for more than a century. Since its inception as the Association of Collegiate Alumnae in 1881, AAUW has been the nation’s leading voice promoting education and equity for women and girls.

AAUW-St. Paul Branch  In 1889 eight women from St. Paul and Minneapolis organized as the seventh branch of the national Association of Collegiate Alumnae.  In 1909 the St. Paul members incorporated separately as the St. Paul College Club, and in 1921 adopted the name American Association of University Women along with the national organization.

Accessibility  Two handicapped parking spots and an entrance ramp are available behind the building. The building’s first floor is wheelchair accessible, and a handicapped restroom is available at the rear of the Great Hall (Hatfield Hall).

Activities  House tours, book sales, and various fund raisers support Branch projects and AAUW initiatives including the Educational Foundation and Legal Advocacy Fund. In 1979 the Poetry Contest/Poetry Day was added as an annual event.  Weekly programs and other events provide stimulating and informative experiences for members and guests. See website and 990 News for detailed information.

 Annual meeting  The bylaws provide that the annual meeting of the Branch is held every year in April. Officers and chairs of standing committees are elected, annual reports are presented and 50-year Honorary Members are recognized.

Archives  National AAUW records as well as many states’ records have archival collections that are being processed, catalogued, and made available for public research. Our Branch archive collection is managed by the Branch Historian and is available either at the clubhouse or through the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, 345 W. Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul, MN, 651-259-3000.

Board of Directors  The Executive Board (elected officers; Article XII Bylaws) meets the first Monday of each month. The Full Board meets quarterly and is comprised of Branch officers, committee and administrative chairs, and, as ex officio members, any Branch members who are serving on the AAUW-MN board.  The chair of the Business Board reports.

Book groups  Book loving members have a number of options, including book discussions, literature group discussions and Mystery Hour. All are listed in the 990 News and on the website calendar.

 Book sale   Our annual fund raiser, held in April. See website for book sale information about donations and volunteering.

Bridge groups  Two bridge groups meet from January through November. One meets in the clubhouse, the other in homes.

Building Layout  The ground floor and second floor clubhouse layouts are on the Branch website.

 Building rules  Smoking on the grounds is permitted. Cell phones should be silenced during presentations.

Bulletin board  Items of interest to members may be posted by the president or historian on the board just outside the great hall.

 By-laws  The legal rules and regulations enacted to provide a framework for its operation and management. The Branch bylaws are here; Minnesota AAUW and National AAUW bylaws are on their websites.

Calendars  The Branch’s calendar is published in the 990 News, published and mailed to members four times a year.

 Clubhouse  Our clubhouse is our lovely house at 990 Summit Avenue in St.Paul, built in 1916. It was purchased by members in 1949 and is maintained by income from events. When you recommend the clubhouse to friends and neighbors as an event location, you are also helping fund the club’s philanthropic efforts. The clubhouse may be rented to youth groups with adequate adult supervision. The youth event must be non-alcoholic and drug-free. People who have held events at the clubhouse give it rave reviews.

 Clubhouse manager  Brian Quist can be reached by phone at 651-227-4477, or by email at Any concerns about the Clubhouse or services should be directed to Brian.

Clubhouse rental discount  Members may be entitled to rent the Clubhouse for weddings and other events at a discount. See Branch Standing Rules.

College Club  See St. Paul College Club, Inc. and St. Paul College Club Catering, Inc., below.

Committees  The following are the Branch committees. The names of the committee chairs can be found here.

  •        Program Development:  Considers and recommends to the Branch program topics and provides policy guidance for the continuing program concerns, conforming with the program standards set by AAUW and AAUW MN.
  •        Program Topics: Seeks out, promotes and organizes programs featuring speakers for the weekly and occasional evening programs. There are five topic areas:
  •         Cultural Arts: Music, art, dance, literature, photography, etc., to teach and entertain members.
  •        Education: Educational issues in the Twin Cities community and beyond.
  •        International Affairs: History and condition of a particular country or particular areas of crisis or concern, future relationships, roles of international agencies,                 etc.
  •         Diversity: Diversity issues in the Twin Cities community.
  •         Public Policy: Government policies affected whole populations.
  •         Women’s Issues: Social issues as they pertain to the status of women in society.
  •         AAUW Funds Chair: Implements AAUW programs on fellowships, research and projects, recommends naming of fellowship grants, informs members about AAUW funds and seeks contributions.
  •         Historian: Compiles an official record of Branch activities, prepares an annual report, collects and binds bulletins every two years and maintains the bulletin board in the atrium.
  •         Membership: Is responsible for membership recruitment, orientation of new members to the purpose and program of AAUW and maintaining Branch membership.
  •         Nominating: Prepares slate of nominees for offices to be filled.
  •         Scholarship Trust, a separate corporation sponsored by the Branch:   Recommends St. Paul area high school graduates and young women returning to college as candidates to receive college scholarships based on financial need, academic excellence, school and/or community participation, a teacher recommendation and a personal statement.
  •          990 News Bulletin: Compile, edit, and proof read Bulletin materials and submit them to the printer for publication.
  •         Finance: Oversees preparation of annual budgets, sets annual dues and House Preservation Fee, reviews Treasurer’s reports to determine if income and expenditures are within reasonable budgeted allocations, provides for an annual review of all financial records to be conducted and presented to the Board, directs investments including undesignated bequests, profits from the lease of the property, and dividends received from the business, receives requests from the House Committee for expenditures which exceed its budget, and assesses investments annually.
  •         Bylaws and Standing Rules: Accepts, compiles and submits proposed Bylaw and Standing Rules amendments to the board of directors and the Branch.
  •         Hospitality:  Makes all members feel welcome.
  •         Property (House): Oversees the maintenance and upkeep of the property, working collaboratively with the Clubhouse Manager to ascertain the condition of the property and make decisions on necessity and timing of work.
  •         Strategic/Long Range Planning: Establishes and administers a planning process for the Branch which results in short and long  range goals, methods and measurements.
  •         Business Board: a separate corporation which oversees operations of St. Paul College Club Catering, Inc.
  •         Evening Program: Plans occasional evening programs, including social time, dinner and speaker.
  •         Holiday Event Chair: Coordinates December holiday brunch, dinner, programs and social time.
  •         Timely Report: Publishes monthly newsletter for Branch members.
  •         Book Sale: Manages annual fund raiser book sale.
  •         Poetry Day: Traditionally the last program of the season, the second Tuesday in May.
  •         Action Fund and NCCWSL (National Conference for College Women Student Leaders): The Action Fund Committee annually disperses monies made available to it from the Branch’s investment portfolio to promote the mission of AAUW. Grants are in amounts that are substantial, notable and truly useful to the recipient organizations and are given to organizations in the St. Paul area that advance equity for women and girls.  NCCWSL is America’s premier conference for college women. NCCWSL provides a transformative experience for attendees and prepares them to be the next generation of leaders. The Branch traditionally sends a candidate to participate.
  •         Ways and Means: Is responsible for the over-all organization, coordination, and supervision of all ways and means projects of the Branch.                                        

Computer access  A computer and printer are available in the Branch office for members’ use.

Confidentiality  AAUW-St. Paul respects your privacy and the confidentiality of personal information.  Your contact information is printed in the annual Branch Directory which is distributed to members only.  It is also shared with the State AAUW and the National AAUW organization, where a roster is available to St. Paul members only via password.

Contacts  Our Branch website is The officers and most committee chairs also have a mailbox in the 2nd floor office where you may leave a note. The Branch voice mail number is 651-602-9839. The office number is 651-227-4477.

Directories  Members are listed in the Branch directory which is updated annually in the Fall and mailed to members. Members are also listed in a pictorial directory, available at the Clubhouse. A Branch roster can also be found on the national site in the Member Services Database (login required).

Dual Members  Members who already pay State and National Dues in another branch may become dual members of the St. Paul Branch by paying dues for our Branch, currently $92.

Dues  Currently AAUW dues are $185/year and include membership in the St. Paul Branch plus the Minnesota and National organizations. Dues for renewing members should be paid before June 1. New members are welcomed throughout the year, with incentives for joining at Prospective Member Events (in the Fall and sometimes Spring), mid-year (50% discount) or after March 15. A membership application form is on the website.

Entertainment books  Entertainment Books are sold in September and October as a fundraiser for our Branch.

 Evening programs  Periodic Thursday evening programs are held beginning at 5:30 Social Time, 6:00 Dinner, 7:00 Program, and are listed in the 990 News. Reservations and cancellations are the same as for luncheons. See Meal reservations, below.

Executive Board  The Executive Board of Directors is composed of the President, President-Elect, Vice  President for Administration, Vice President for Membership, Vice President for Program Development, Vice President for Ways and Means, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and the chairs of Bylaws and Standing Rules, Property, and Finance committees. The Chair of the SPCCC Business Board reports to this Board.

Facility rental  See Clubhouse rental discount, above.

Fiscal year/program year  AAUW-St. Paul Branch operates on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year. Weekly programs are scheduled from September through April, with ad hoc events and outings over the summer.

For-profit arm (St. Paul College Club Catering, Inc.)  The for-profit arm of the Branch operates the wedding and event business under Brian Quist, Manager. The business board of the Branch oversees operations.

Fragrance free The clubhouse is smoke and fragrance free during AAUW events and programs. (Please consider lotions and hair products in addition to perfume.)

Gertens Plant Cards  See plant cards.

 Great Decisions  Great Decisions is America’s largest discussion program on world affairs.  The program model involves reading the Great Decisions Briefing Book, watching the DVD and meeting in a Discussion Group to discuss the most critical global issues facing America today. Discussions at the Branch are held the third Tuesday of each month during the program year at 9:45 am, and repeated at 1:00 pm.

Guest policy  Non-members may attend three of the day programs as a guest in any one Branch fiscal year.

Handicapped access  See Accessibility, above.

Holiday brunch/dinner  Every December the Branch offers a holiday brunch or two, and a dinner, with a social time and book sale. The brunch is members only, but guests are welcome at the dinner. Details will be set out in the 990 News.

Honorary Life Member  After 50 years of paying dues, and with the concurrence of the national office, members become 50-year Honorary Life Members. Although no further Branch/state/national dues are required, many Honorary Life Members continue to make annual donations to support the St. Paul branch.

House Preservation Fund (HPF)  Part of members’ annual dues goes into this reserve fund, used for major repairs and restoration projects for the clubhouse and grounds.

 Job descriptions  Descriptions for the responsibilities of officers and committee chairs are available in a notebook in the Branch office, second floor. Standing Rules of the Branch and of the Board of Directors, as well as the Bylaws also contain such information.

Life member  A life member is one who has made a one-time payment of 20 years of dues.

Lost and Found  Lost and found items are located on the file cabinets just to the left when entering the Branch office on the second floor of the clubhouse.

Luncheons  Luncheons are offered at noon in conjunction with Tuesday programs. See Meal reservations, below.

Mailboxes  Mailboxes for officers and most committee chairs are located in the 2nd floor office.

 Meal reservations  Meal reservations must be made in advance. Detailed instructions are contained in the 990 News and on the web site. Please have your check pre-written before approaching the check-in desk. When you check in you will be given a name slip that you may place at any open spot on the dining tables to reserve your place. Tables are often available on the second floor as well as in several rooms on the first floor. The luncheon cost is $18, the dinner cost is $20 and each includes tax and a 12% tip.

Meetings at Clubhouse  All meetings at the Clubhouse must be pre-arranged through the Clubhouse manager so they can be put on the calendar.

Membership Application  Packets for prospective members can be found in a basket in the powder room on the main floor.  An application for membership and a brochure about the St. Paul Branch can also be found on line:

Membership card and member number  You may print your membership card from the national AAUW website. Your membership number is printed on your Outlook magazine label.

Membership criteria  Members must be graduates holding an associate or equivalent, baccalaureate, or higher degree from a qualified education institute as set out in the bylaws.

Memorials  Information about deceased members can be found here. Memorial contributions may be made to any of four AAUW and Branch funds (AAUW Educational Opportunities AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund, St. Paul Branch Scholarship Fund or St. Paul Branch House Preservation Fund).

Mission statement  AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

Mystery Hour  This book group meets the 4th Tuesday of the month in the Gold Room at 9:30 am.

Name tags  Name tags are to be worn at all meetings and are available in the boxes by the reception table. Take your tag with you or replace it in the box when you leave. Requests for new name tags or name changes may be left next to the box and will be prepared by someone on the Membership Committee.

National association  See AAUW, above. Much more information is available on the website. Branch AAUW members are also members of the national association.

New members  New members expand our capacity to advance equity for women and girls, giving them a fair chance to overcome economic and educational barriers. To help welcome and acquaint new members, the Branch has a new member table at lunch joined by a member of the membership committee, and a new member chat in the library at 10am the first Tuesday of the month.

990 News  A bulletin published quarterly listing programs and other useful Branch information.

 Office  The Branch office is on the second floor of the clubhouse, with mailboxes for officers, supplies, reference materials and a copier for AAUW business, as well as a computer and printer. (See Computer above).

 Officers  Elected Branch officers are comprised of president, president-elect, vice-president for administration, vice-president for membership, vice-president for program development, vice-president for ways and means, recording secretary, treasurer, and membership treasurer. Duties of each position are found in the bylaws. See the AAUW SP Organizational Chart which also shows appointed officers.

Parking   Remember to park at least 20 feet from a crosswalk, 10 feet from a stop sign and 5 feet from a driveway. Observe the no-parking signs in front of the Governor’s Mansion next door. Do not park in the circular driveway in front of the clubhouse as it is reserved for complimentary valet parking at regular Branch meetings. (See Valet parking below.) For safety reasons please use the front walk way to access the clubhouse on foot, not the circular drive.

Plant cards  Gertens Garden Center, Inver Grove Heights, donates to our Branch 11% of every plant card purchased. Order on line from our web site.

Poetry Day Last program of the year, speakers are traditionally both well known poets. Also, some years, readings by our members of their original poetry are part of the day.

 Programs and events   From September to mid May, the St. Paul Branch meets every Tuesday with programs at 10:45 a.m. and 1 p.m. Lunch is served at noon. Throughout the year in accordance with our mission statement speakers are presented by program committees: Public policy, Women’s Issues, International Relations, Diversity, Environment, Cultural Interest, Education, and Community Projects. During Fall and Spring, periodic Thursday evening programs are held beginning at 5:30 social time, 6:00 dinner, 7:00 program. In addition, there are groups meeting for discussions of books and special interests, docent-led tours for special exhibitions at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The Museum of Russian Art, the Weisman Art Museum and the Walker Art Center, and other outings.

Promise statement  By joining AAUW, we belong to a community that breaks through educational and economic barriers so that women have a fair chance.

Prospective member event (PME)  The Fall prospective member event is managed by the Membership Committee. Guests are referred by current members or respond to announcements in the paper. Usually dues are discounted for joining at the event.

Prospective member luncheon (PML)  This event is sometimes offered in the Spring and combined with the opportunity to attend a program. As an incentive to join, $150 dues cover membership for a longer period (e.g., after March 16 to June 30 of the following fiscal year.)

Publications  In addition to the 990 News and directories our Branch publishes and distributes bi-monthly (except over the summer) a newsletter by email, The Timely Report. (Some hard copies of The Timely Report will be available at meetings the same week they are sent out.)  Due dates for submissions can be found here. The state organization publishes The Minnesota Pine and the national organization publishes AAUW Outlook.

 Reciprocity   Members may attend other AAUW branches and may transfer membership to another branch or comparable AAUW-affiliated entity and will need to pay local dues at the other branch.

Renting the clubhouse  See Clubhouse rental discount, above.

St. Paul College Club, Inc. (SPCC)  The non-profit Minnesota corporation which operates as AAUW-St. Paul Branch.

St. Paul College Club Catering, Inc. (SPCC)  The for-profit Minnesota business corporation that runs the catering and rental business supporting  the Clubhouse.

Scholarship Trust, a separate corporation sponsored by the Branch: The Scholarship Trust offers a four-year college scholarship for young women high school graduates.  The scholars must attend an accredited college or university to earn a bachelors degree.  More information can be found here.

Special interest groups  The Branch offers bridge groups, book discussions, Mystery Hour, Great Decisions and art museum tours. From time to time other group opportunities are available, such as tap dancing, meditation and theater.

Standing rules  Standing rules of the Branch can be found here. Standing rules of the Board of Directors can be found here (link when online). Standing rules of the state AAUW are on its website.

State  AAUW  Minnesota   The site contains extensive information about the association and links to its strategic plan, bylaws and standing rules. Branch members are also members of the state and the national association.

 Student affiliate  An undergraduate student enrolled in a qualified educational institution is eligible to join AAUW. Student affiliates may attend meetings and receive publications but may not vote.

Summer programs  Past summer programs and events have included excursions to the opera, theater, and Como Park Japanese Gardens Tea Ceremony. Events and programs will be listed in the May-August 990 News.

 Tax deductible donation  When you pay $150 annual dues, $46 of your $49 annual dues is tax deductible. Your cancelled check is your proof of payment. The tax-deductible portion is reduced when you join at the Fall event, at mid-year or as a student. Consult the Membership Treasurer with any questions.

Timely Report  A bi-monthly newsletter of the Branch. See Publications, above.

Treasure to donate?  All donations to the clubhouse, such as furniture, lamps and artwork, are handled by the Property House Committee.

Valet parking  You will be given a token by the valet when you drive into the circular driveway. When you leave someone will be at the front door to take your tokens and give them to the valet. You can stay warm and off the icy driveway inside the house until your car arrives in the driveway. Valet parking is complimentary, but tipping is permitted and appreciated.

Vision statement  AAUW will be a powerful advocate and visible leader in equity and education through research, philanthropy, and measurable change in critical areas impacting the lives of women and girls.

Visitors  Prospective members may attend up to 3 meetings before submitting a membership application and annual dues. To enjoy lunch, reservations are required. See Meal reservations, above.

Volunteering  Sign-up sheets for joining interest groups are generally available in the Spring, with sign-up sheets for Hospitality generally available in the Fall. Contact the chair of any committee for more information about the committee activities and questions about joining.

Website info  The Branch website is found at It is an excellent source of helpful information. The web manager is Jan Quist, She can be contacted at

Wine  Wine is available at the luncheons. A $2 donation is requested. Select your glass as you exit the Great Hall for the luncheon.

Women’s Consortium  A statewide collaboration of 125 organizations and 3,600 individuals, the Women’s Consortium works to achieve equity and justice for women and their families. Our Branch is a member and is represented by a delegate.