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2021 – A Year for Women to Advocate for A More Perfect Union and A More Perfect State!

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  • Follow bills and Take Action during the Minnesota Legislative Session here.
  • Find out about actions YOU can take to address Climate Change here.
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Two-Minute Activist – AAUW National

Two-Minute Activist is an AAUW National program that provides a quick and easy way to “send emails and texts to your legislators to fight for equal pay, family leave, stopping sexual harassment, equality in education and more.”

To become a “Two-Minute Activist” go to the webpage and simply click on the link for the issue you wish to support to read more about it, then:

  1. fill in your name and address
  2. use the suggested message text or personalize it as you wish
  3. click on “Send Message” and the message will automatically be sent to your US Senators and US Representative

Pass the FAMILY Act

“Unlike the majority of developed countries worldwide, the United States does not guarantee paid annual leave, paid time off for illness or family care, or paid parental leave. And for many Americans, this unpaid time off work is untenable and it threatens their economic security. That’s why AAUW is calling for passage of the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act, which would create a national self-funding paid family and medical leave insurance program.” Read more and Take Action on the National AAUW website.

Follow bills related to pay equity and other wage-related issues in the Minnesota State Legislature.  Note: a member of the Public Policy Committee will regularly update the comments summarizing the bills that appear on this list.

Support the For the People Act

“Our democracy works when Americans of all races, backgrounds, genders and zip codes can fully and equitably participate. We want a transparent process that ensures every voice is heard and every vote is counted. We believe in the right of voters to pick their leaders. Leaders do not pick their voters.” Read more and Take Action on the National AAUW website.

Follow bills related to voting rights in the Minnesota State Legislature.  Note: a member of the Public Policy Committee will regularly update the comments summarizing the bills that appear on this list.

Other Opportunities

Find more quick and easy Two-Minute Activist opportunities and signup to get regular action alerts on the National AAUW website.

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The Minnesota Legislature – Follow Bills and Take Action

May 7 Update – Voting rights provisions in the Minnesota Legislature

SF 173, a bill making it harder to vote, passed the Senate on Monday the 3rd on a vote of 34-32. The main provisions of the bill require the use of provisional ballots for persons using same day voter registration. The bill was sent to the House but is unlikely to be considered by that body.

If any changes are made to voting laws they are likely to come out of the conference committee on HF 1952/SF1831, the State Government Omnibus Bill. Both versions of the bill have an article devoted to election law – but the articles have virtually nothing in common – the House provisions make voter registration and voting easier while the Senate provisions include the provisions of SF 173 among other restrictions. The House provisions are summarized in article 3 of the House Research Summary for HF 1952, beginning on page 19.  The summary of the Senate provisions is found in article 4 of the Senate Council and Research Summary for SF 1831, beginning on page 15. Links to past and upcoming conference committee hearings can be found at the bottom of the conference committee page.

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Take Action on Climate Change

On Tuesday, March 30, 2021, Marilyn Baeker of our Public Policy and Environment Committee led a lively discussion asking “What Can WE Do about Climate Change?”  Marilyn solicited ideas, comments, and strategies from those who attended the session by working through several main talking points:

  • Eat a Plant Based Diet
  • Live Car Free – or Drive Electric
  • Avoid Flying
  • Buy Green Energy
  • Have One (or more) Fewer Children
  • Reduce Waste

If you were unable to join the live Zoom, or simply want to refresh your memory of the many good suggestions for action, a recording of the session is available on our Program Videos page.

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Other resources for taking action

  • Find your Federal and State legislators here.
  • Go to https://www.mnvotes.org/ to access comprehensive elections and voting information, including registration and absentee ballots, at the MN Secretary of State website.
  • Set up a MyBills account: MyBills allows you to track House and Senate bills in the Minnesota State Legislature by bill number and topic. When you log in, your bills will be listed along with information about recent or upcoming significant action. You must log in to see this information, MyBills does not send email alerts.
  • Check on individual bills of interest to you in the Minnesota State Legislature here.

Links to other organizations involved in advocacy:

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