Tax deduction

Tax Season is back again!
1.  Regular members of the St. Paul branch pay $150 annual dues for the period July 1 to June 30:  
This includes dues for 3 AAUW organizations:   AAUW St. Paul branch ($92), the State AAUW ($9) and the National AAUW ($49).
Included in the $49 National dues is a tax-deductible donation of $46. (The other $3 is for lobbying and not deductible.)
No part of the State or Branch dues is deductible.
The National AAUW does not send a receipt, but you can find your charitable donation posted on line if you log into your member record (“My Profile”) in the Member Services Database on the national site.  You may print that page and keep a copy of your check to substantiate payment.
2.  New members who paid less than $150 for their first year of membership — for example, discounted dues for joining at the Fall Prospective Member Event or joining after January 1  — also paid lower national dues, and the deduction is reduced accordingly.  Please see: